“Let your dreams take flight”

We are naturally social creatures, we are hooked to seeking each other out and profoundly shaping our bonds and relationships. Our ability of empathizing and relating to one another’s stories by communicating our thoughts and ideas is what sets us apart and makes us exceptionally human.

As a way of recognizing and better understanding others and ourselves, we naturally seek deeper connections with people. My last Amal fellowship session with my Amal family was all about connecting with each other on an emotional level. Everyone shared their thoughts and experiences of Amal Fellowship. I felt…

Let the space between where you are and where you want to be motivate you,

Fill your time only with the things that matter,

Choose how you want to move through the world and your life,

And love, always love more than you ever thought was possible.

Ever since the pandemic started I had to shut down all of my social activities, it felt like it’s been years since I went out. I was tired of the way things were drifting through days emptily. I wanted to do something better to be something better than a hopeful soul in a…

Books allow readers to travel while sitting on a couch, they give wings to our insight, they are a treasure of knowledge, joy, happiness, wisdom and so much more, books are more than enjoyment and are even capable of transforming your life. But unfortunately in this era of social media we’ve drifted ourselves away from this amazing and imaginative world of books.

I remember when I was a kid my father used to bring a new book for me every week and I used to remain in the trance of one book until I start reading another. I’m glad that…

Being an ambivert I don’t usually open up unless and until the other person makes an effort. I’m that kind of person who craves social time but might lack the skills to socialize more effectively or even become avoidant in social situations despite the fact that I need my quality social time.

My journey to AMAL Academy was a mind blowing experience for me at-least. A person like me can’t even think of waking up early in the morning on weekends, but now just in the excitement of early morning weekend sessions I wake up an hour before it even…

Books allow readers to travel while sitting on a couch, they give wings to our insight, they are a treasure of knowledge, joy, happiness, wisdom and so much more, books are more than enjoyment and are even capable of transforming your life, Books are the best companion even in your hardest time, books make you realize that you are not the only one struggling in this world, they give you a new perspective to view things and situations from different angles.

Books inspire us or make us see the right path, it makes us understand that we can do anything…

Ever since the humans came into being, they’ve come a long way in the search of a livelihood. To make the world a better place, helping others is the first step. Improving the lives of those who aren’t as privileged as us is also shown to bring loads of benefits for those who choose to help without any cause and might just be the key to happiness!

The Richest poor man- Abdul Sattar Edhi

Feeling a sense of delight after spending just a little bit of time to help others is considered to be out of this world. According to the researches or in the light of…

Completing my practical notebook

I have a deadline of 1st Jan to submit my practical Notebook and most of my diagrams are incomplete as I have been procrastinating a lot lately due to which it is still incomplete. Since it is the task assigned by Amal Academy already so why not use it in my own favor.


This technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.

I set a Pomodoro timer to 25 minutes. And started working on it. During these 25 minutes I had an urge to pick up my phone and…

One Hadith Quote Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as saying

“A good deed done to an animal is as meritorious as a good deed done to a human being, while an act of cruelty to an animal is as bad as an act of cruelty to a human being.”

Islam not only focuses on human rights but also on animal roghts. Recently I came across many cases of animal cruelty in Tollinton Market, Lahore. It is Lahore’s biggest pet market. But market is full of stolen, abandoned and lost pets who are up for sale. Tollinton’s Pet Market is responsible for starving…

the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday

When we first think of the word “totka” we think of self made shortcuts or instant solutions to make our life or problems easier but AMAL TOTKAY are not just that. they are about developing a growth mindset. working on your growth to be more than what you think you are. Fostering your own confidence that anything can be learned with the right amount of effort.


following are the 5 totkay according to AMAL which are the basics of developing a Growth Mindset;

1. Self-talk:



I will improve my English vocabulary and spoken English skills by reading at least two blogs and one chapter of any book to improve my vocabulary and also by recording my voice in English everyday and listening to it and reflecting on it from now on. Iwill improve my skills as much as i can within two month of my Amal fellowship.

Purpose of my goal

Since I want to do my MSc from an international university it is necessary that my English vocabulary and speaking skills are on point. …

Rajia Haroon

all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream

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